A Guide to Acquiring the Right Kind of Aircon for You

A Guide to Acquiring the Right Kind of Aircon for You

Getting a suitable air conditioning unit for your home may be tricky. The first thing you need to determine is what you will use the AC for.

Will you be using the aircon all year round, or will you only use them in certain seasons? Will you be getting one for your main house, a vacation house, or inside an office?

Whatever reason it may be will determine the kind of air conditioning unit you will need to get. Additionally, the reason may also influence other factors, such as your budget for the electric bill, the aircon's location, and the amount of maintenance it will require.

Finding the Ideal Location for Your Air Con

Once you have determined what your aircon will be used for and how often, the next step is to look for a proper location. Ideally, the outside unit should be under a shade or awning for the aircon to run smoothly.

Having the outside unit exposed to the sun will increase the amount of electricity consumed, and by extension, your electricity bill. Another factor is the placement of the aircon inside the room should be high enough that the unit can quickly cool the entire room more efficiently.

Also, avoid placing the aircon near any appliance or electronic device that produces a lot of heat, like stoves or light bulbs, as this can affect the aircon's thermostat reading of the room temperature. It might increase the load of the aircon as it tries to cool off the heat it detects.

Noting the Different Types of Air Con

There are many air conditioners on the market, one of them is the split system. You can get wall mounted split systems, single room split systems, multi-head split systems and in-ceiling cassette systems. Split systems are a cheaper alternative to ducted systems, however, if the job is quoted and units installed properly, they can be just as effective. Air conditioning installation for this is recommended through a professional air conditioning Sydney contractor.

Another kind is the ducted air conditioning system. A ducted aircon will require ample room inside your roof space for the indoor unit and the duct work, as well as a decent space on the outside of your home for the outdoor unit... Depending on your budget, and the size of the home you are trying to service,, this may be the most ideal and energy-efficient for you in the long run. Again, professional assistance is recommended for any air conditioning system installation

Maintenance and Using Air Con Efficiently

An aircon's lifespan will depend on your maintenance and usage. Aircons have a filter you will need to clean out regularly. This is to remove the dust and microorganisms that may accumulate on it as time goes by. For ducted aircon, periodically check for broken or loose ducts, if you are having issues with air flow

Avoid putting your aircon under the stress of abrupt temperature changes. This will prevent your aircon from consuming a lot of electricity than it usually would for simply heating or cooling off a room. You can also use timers for your convenience and your electricity bill.

Simply keeping the room clean also helps reduce the amount of dust your aircon accumulates. Other maintenance and usage reminders can be shown and addressed during a professional cleaning or air conditioning installation.

Final Note

Installing an aircon in your home doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Many residents and commercial buildings already have air conditioning inside their homes and offices.

With an informed decision, you can improve your home or office life better. 

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